Who are we?

ISRF is a research-based consulting company that offers services in the areas of:

  • Social research and development
  • CSR design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Development and implementation of strategies for shared value creation.

While ISRF offers each of these services on a standalone basis, very often they are also offered as a combined package. In-depth and well-directed research forms the foundation for successful CSR projects that provide a win-win situation for both the businesses and target communities.


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Customized approach

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Our Services

  • Research & Surveys

    Our research services range from Behavioral change research to IEC Strategy Development including Socio-economic Survey, Baseline and End line evaluation, Longitudinal Survey, Vulnerability Assessment, Process Monitoring, Social Audit and Sectoral Studies

  • Creating Shared Value (CSV)

    CSV is about expanding market territories of product or company through addressing social need.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Through our research based expertise we develop and implement CSR policy and programs  that are aligned to the core vision and mission of corporate.

Our Clients