Creating Shared Value

What we do

Businesses thrive when they fulfill societal needs. One of the ways to bridge the gap between societal needs and businesses is to re-conceptualize products such that they cater to the BoP segments too. Catering to the BoP segments helps businesses identify new markets and consumer bases and also create brand awareness. At the same time the BoP segments gain access to products and services, thus creating a win-win situation for the entire ecosystem.

Some of the key services we offer in this segment are:

  • Identifying new markets and consumer bases
  • Creating strategies for shared value and effectively implementing programs
  • Establishing sustainable partnerships through aligning businesses and social actors such as consumers, SHGs, NGOs, and Panchayati raj institutions
  • Creating tools to track and assess the value proposition created for businesses and target communities
  • Enhancing the value chain for businesses in rural and suburban markets