K. Satheesh Kumar
CEO & Co-founder, ISRF

Satheesh is one of the few professionals who could straddle both development and corporate sectors. A passionate advocate of social transformation, Satheesh is also an entrepreneur who enjoys bagging and delivering big-ticket projects. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Development Sector in India and abroad. At ISRF, he works on strategy and business development, besides doing hands on work on several projects.

Satheesh has proven expertise in Social Research, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Shared Value Creation (CSV), and Business Development in Urban and Rural markets.

With a Masters degree in social work in 1996, followed by an M.Phil from University of Madras, Satheesh began his career as Fulltime Lecturer in Madras School of Social Work, Chennai. After a 3-year stint, he briefly worked as freelance consultant and went on to launch ISRF in 2015.

Till date, he has led more than 200 state and national level Social Research and CSR projects funded by reputed clients in and outside India. He can work at ease in the field and in the AC comfort of his office. When not at work, Satheesh enjoys spending quality time with his family and likes to listen and explore music of different genre.

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