Paresh Prasad
Regional Head - Research, North India

Paresh for some is the face of ISRF in North India. His academic bent of mind and ability to liaison with stakeholders makes him the perfect choice to support ISRF’s research projects in North India. Involved in the research sector for the last 15 years, he has been working in close association with various agencies including civil society organisations, policy makers, private sector organisations and more.

A Management professional, Paresh is a data enthusiast, and has made many contributions to research, monitoring and evaluation in the social development sector. During his stints with various organisations, he has spearheaded some of the Measurement, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) grants funded by Government, BMGF, MSD for Mothers Initiative, and more.

In the past, he has published his work in leading international journals like Implementation Science, AIDS Education & Prevention, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre etc. “I like field research as much as academic pursuits. I get satisfaction when field research leads to better and efficient projects and improvement in the lives of people,” he says.

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