• To help organizations think, act and grow to their fullest potential to achieve both Business and Social Development goals through leveraging rigorous evidence, ideation, design and implementation of socially relevant interventions.

  • Provide end-to-end services by

    (a) understanding  clients’ needs and requirements, and

    (b) applying deep research and strategic capabilities and developing solutions that can maximize clients’ growth and optimize their business and operational potential, and hand-hold them till the solutions are achieved.

Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct

ISRF follows the ethical guidelines and code of conduct for responsible research evolved and practised by the UN and other multilateral organizations. These include:

  • Objectivity & Impartiality (Avoidance of conflict of interest & bias)
  • Independence
  • Accountability
  • Integrity – both personal and professional
  • Transparency of processes
  • Confidentiality of data (as needed)
  • Awareness and respect of rights and safety of individuals, communities, stakeholders
  • Compliance with Intellectual Property and Authorship regulations
  • Policy against plagiarism
  • Supervision and oversight at every stage and phase to ensure compliance
  • Training, orientation and capacity building as required to ensure compliance