Indian Social Research Foundation (ISRF) Trust has been founded in the year 2006 in Chennai. The main

objectives are:

  • Engage in implementing social development programmes using scientific and research tools and methods to produce sustainable and inclusive growth in the community.
  • To engage as an appropriate platform for connecting knowledge builders, communities and implementing organizations for achieving social development goals.
  • Enhance Social Research as an appropriate tool to achieve measurable impact in rural and urban community

The Trust mainly focuses to work with poor and down-trodden communities for empowering their knowledge, awareness, access and affordability to ensure inclusive growth in the society. The specific activities are awareness building, social and action-based research programmes in the community and social policy formation activities which can ultimately help develop effective strategies and tools for NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) and CSOs (Civil Society Organizations). The Trust’s activities are supported by philanthropic organizations such as CSR foundations, individual and institutional donors. The Trust has 12A and 80G registrations for exemptions under the Income Tax Act of India.

During the year 2019-20, ISRF Trust carried out the following activities.